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• 5/3/2018

Where can I buy this?

Hi, It seems impossible to purchase this from any country... It was removed from Amazon Instant Video, and from UK Netflix. Am I the only one who finds this strange? Anyway, if anyone knows where one could buy this (used or new) from, please let me know. Thank you.
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• 1/27/2018

season 2,dreaming or just hoping?

what if we spam on socials hashtags like "TheTomorrowPeopleBack" or "TheTomorrowPeopleS2" and tagging TheCW or Netflix? Maybe someone will see it!!!

I know that probably nothing would happens, but in the last 2 years a lot of series had a 2nd season or a revival, thanks to the support from the fans, and hope is the last to die ;)

YOU need only 5 seconds to write 2 hashtags and a tag on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (etc.) and post it, but if it would help, why not?
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• 1/25/2018

It's not the King's Gambit!!!

Episode 18 "Smoke and Mirrors" involves a chess game opening (1. e4, e5 2. Nf3, Nf6) where John says, "King's Gambit" when in reality this is the Petrov. Now I know it sounds cool when you are making a comparison from the game to someone of power taking a great risk, but when you are talking to chess players, get it right. We know that the King's Gambit is 1. e4, e5 2. f4 and it would be nice if the game were adequately represented in TV.
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• 11/27/2017
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• 11/27/2017

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• 6/1/2014

Can you please continue this series?

Hello, I am a person who despite my personal feelings towards most consumer products in any sense usually won't go out of my way to give review. Unless i'm asked during or after, i don't seek to review things (normally). I have an issue with this show ending. It's much more interesting, enticing  and creative then most/all current television shows. If this show really does fail, I ask a somewhat detailed reason, why? Reviews are decently high. Hulu, cable/satellite and other forms of broadcasting this show to the public are all positive. The cast, story, special effects, writers, directors, costume design, the fact it's nyc/subway and city and i want to say producers? Really tho, generally everything in this show has what it takes to be a real hit! 
Again if nothing more then the show going 10+ seasons, I would appreciate knowing why this show "failed".
Regards - -Soleo
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• 5/29/2014

Message from a Wikia contributor

last season episode is WOOOOOOOOOOW !!!!! 
Hope they make season 2
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• 5/8/2014


I am sad to inform you that The Tomorrow People has been cancelled. [1]
We had a great first and only season. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.
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• 4/26/2014

Marla Jameson

Any one think she will lead a battle with her husband and lead the tomorrow people cus well she must be a very strong like roger and the founder
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• 4/5/2014

i don't know who to trust

i dont know who to trust Jedakia or the founder
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• 3/23/2014

Power of an a synergist

Cassandra Smythe and Stephen are both synergist but why is that cassie is more powerful or should i say advanced with her powers then stephen? She is the only tomorrow person that can remote teleport objects with a single thought and makes me wonder is it because her powers emerged early then stephen or has becuase her dad ( The Founder) is powerful himself Advanced Telepathic & Telekinetic abilities.. i wonder how powerful was the mother and most importantly who is the mother? Both being synergist does it mean that they are fated to be together and if so how powerful would their child or children be makes you wonder. Stephen inherited specials abilities such as power negation immunity and chronokinesis which no other than his father has but how come is doesnt have traits like cassandra her levels of power are extreme compared to stephen.
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• 3/13/2014


wow...this is a really awkward selfie
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• 3/6/2014

Why can't they kill off carra already. :c

She has to be THE MOST unlikable character out of any series I've ever watched I hope and pray that they kill her off ASAP.
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• 2/21/2014

Why did Jedikiah try to kill John in the Pilot if he was so valuable? o.O

We know that Ultra and Jedikiah want John alive cause of his ability to kill but, why did he fire a gun at him in the Pilot. I think this is one of the loopholes like the fact that Stephern's mother made his take PILLS and visit multiple shrinks and she knew what was really going on caz she's like him...o.O ?????????
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• 2/19/2014

My impressions about TTP

At first, I was suspicious and I wondered but with time, I learnt to love TTP more and more. The main character is not my crush(that's usually the case), but, I don't care. I really like the show. I'm familiar with Jedikiah(Jacob from LOST), and John(h20 just add water Luke or sth....?).
I LOVE the fact that Stepher is a synergie! No wonder why he can stop time and is more powerful :)! I can't wait until Luka starts breaking out caz it gonna happen sooner or later. I mean, his mum and dad are both supernatural so...It's destines. I can't wait untill uncle Jed finds out that Stephen is a synergie :)...and about his mum..He's got to know(she stopped the bullets and they saw it!
What I don't get is: why did his mum make him visit the chrinks and take all those pills if she knew o.O? That stupid lol.
And also: someone on fb wrote: Cara's faces are: 1) bitchy 2) bitchier lol. I agree haha. Kicking John out...ahmm....Not a wise move...John shouldn't have lied so damn much but still, he's better at leading them all the Cara is.
I'd like to hear your opinion about, well my opinion and...generally, what do you think about the show, like/don't like :)
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• 2/6/2014

Blew my mind

I cant believe she is one of the tomorrow people
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• 2/4/2014

Am I the only one who thinks Marla Jameson is one of them?

1-. I doubt Luca is breaking out
2-. Stephen couldn't read Peter's mind, that can only be made it by someone really powerful, so if it wasn't Peter... Then who? Luca? don't think so, cuz even if he is breaking out he has not the training for do it.
Please someone tell me am not the only one.
PD: sorry if there it's something wrong with my english, is not my mother language.
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• 1/24/2014

Is Stephen father died or alive?

I believe he is alive so how.
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• 1/18/2014

Mr. D'Amico

Who plays Stephen Jameson's neighbor, Mrs. D'Amico's husband (consort) in the pilot? I think it's odd that she is credited but he is not.
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• 11/7/2013

Am I the only one who thinks Madeleine Mantock's acting is very similar to Willa Holland's?

I started watching TTP after seeing the "Amellsday" promo. The moment I saw Astrid, I thought, "Wow. She's just like Thea."
Her tone of voice, her inflections, and mostly the way she truns the corners of her mouth down and her dimples appear at the edges when she ends a sentence.
If I knoew how to use youtube, I'd make a comparison video and I could show you.
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