Cara Coburn
Portrayed by Peyton List
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Son of Man
Episode Count 22
Powers Telekinesis
Species Homo superior
Age 23
Date of Birth April 10, 1990
Occupations Student (formerly)
Second-in-command of the Tomorrow People
Residence The Lair
Significant Other John Young (Ex-Boyfriend)
Stephen Jameson (Boyfriend)
Family Dennis Coburn (father)
Sophie Coburn (sister)
Status Alive

People are complicated, Stephen. You spend half your life in their head and that much becomes pretty clear.
— Cara to Stephen in In Too Deep

Cara Coburn is a main protagonist and the female lead of The Tomorrow People. She is a beautiful young woman with special powers, and specializes in Telepathy. She is described as both trustworthy and serious. She is the second-in-command of the Tomorrow People. Cara is the daughter of Dennis Coburn, and an unnamed woman, the older sister of Sophie Coburn and the ex-girlfriend of John Young, and the girlfriend of Stephen Jameson.


Cara Coburn, whose gift is sensing people’s moods and reading their thoughts telepathically, which sometimes makes the world an overwhelming place for her. Cara is the daughter of Dennis Coburn and an unnamed mother. She has a younger sister whom she left behind. Prior to her breakout, Cara was both deaf and mute. She communicated through sign language and reading other people's lips. Cara discovered her abilities when she was attacked and nearly raped by Tyler Miller. She was arrested and taken into custody, accused of killing Tyler Miller, whose head had been cracked. Moments before she was about to be locked in a cell, she teleported out of the precinct and ended up at her home. There, she was rejected by her father, who claimed no one would believe her story. He gave her money and told her to leave. Cara hesitantly walked away and stopped to say good bye to her sister before leaving. Cara eventually found John and joined him. As of All Tomorrow's Parties, Cara is aware of John's ability to kill.

Season OneEdit

In Pilot, Cara gets John Young to find Stephen Jameson's file, after she found out his real name and realizes that he is related to Jack Jameson, The Tomorrow People's former leader, believed to be dead. She then begins to use her Telepathy to get in contact with Stephen, eventually convincing him to meet her at the train station, where John teleports him to their hide-out. When Stephen gets upset and overwhelmed about his father, Cara teleports Stephen home.

Later on, when Stephen was being chased by Ultra, he communicated with Cara to help him escape. They kidnapped Stephen and attempted to take his powers, Cara and Russell Kwon decide to rescue him, but they are later joined by John. When Stephen freezes time and stops a bullet that Jedikiah Price fires at John and teleports Cara, Russell and John out of Ultra's base. This makes it clear, that Stephen is The Tomorrow People's only hope. Stephen later finds out that Jedikiah is in fact his paternal uncle and his father's human brother and asks him to join Ultra alongside him. Stephen agrees, but only to find out if his father's death was real or just a cover up created by Ultra. Later on, Cara tries to convince Stephen not to work for Ultra, but his decision is final.

In In Too Deep,

In Girl, Interrupted, Cara is having trouble control her powers specifically her telepathey.  Her past assoiciated with her breakout is shown.  She hides the problem form everyone including John, but when her issues interfere with Stephens mission it is reveled.  John tells Stephen that it was around this time she accidentally killing a man who tried to rape her during her breakout.  She was at a school dance and a kid took her to his car and then tried to rape her, because she was deaf at the time .  John reluctantly lets her go on another mission to find a breakout.  Turns out Ultra tricked them and Cara was captured.  Jedikiah panned on killing her but Stephen convinced him to save him by turning him human.  He told him turning her human would make John hate her.  Jedikiah only agreed when Stephen said he would do it himself.  Before he gives her the injection Stephen froze time and gave her saline instead.  Later Cara showed Stephen a memory she never told anybody else.  The memory revealed her now being able to hear but then being kicked out by her father.  She thought her father was tring to help her but when she accidentally read his mind she learned he thought they would be better without her.

In Kill Or Be Killed, Cara has to stay hidden even though they are hunting John's old friend who is killing people.  She can't risk ultra learning she still has her powers.

In All Tomorrow's Parties,

In Sorry For Your Loss,

In Limbo,

In Thanatos,

In Death's Door,

In The Citadel,

In Rumble, Cara's past with Julian is unearthed, in flashbacks Cara is shown to be afraid of using her powers to defend herself posssibly as a result of accidentally killing a man who tried to rape her when she first broke out. When Julian, Cara and Nelly (Julian's  girlfriend) are on a hiest Cara is given the duty to watch over the captive human owner of the mansion. The owner convinces Cara to free him by saying that he will run away and never return, Cara listens and sets him free. Nelly comes back to find the man gone and she tells Cara to lie and not mention what happened to Julian. The owner returns and starts shooting at the girls Nelly is shot protecting Cara. Julian after hearing the shots telekinetically throws the man over the balcony killing him and crys painfully as Nelly dies in his arms. Julian blames Cara for her death and only fails to kill her because he cannot. In the present years later Julian returns to New york city with a gang and his hatred for humans having grown, he has taught his gang to beat people near to death and then scar them the rest of the way. Julian and Cara confront each other in the tunnels were Julian tells Cara he's surprised she survived because the Cara he knew was weak. Russell spies on Julians gang in the old owners mansion. Julian finds him and then beats him up and proceeds to order his team to do the same. Cara and John find Russell badly beaten and Cara provoked desides to take the fight to him against Stephens advice. Cara and Julian fight and Cara's team abandons her. Cara is left alone and she steps aside and reveals Charlotte standing behind her who uses her telepathic power to literally bring Julians whole gang to it's knees and jam their powers, Cara and Charlotte then teleport back to the hide out just as ultra arrives at the mansion revealing it was their plan all along to trick Julian. Julian manages to escape the only member of the gang having quickly recovered some of his powers.

In Sitting Ducks,

In Things Fall Apart,

In Brother's Keeper,

In Enemy of My Enemy,

In Superhero,

In Endgame,

In Smoke and Mirrors,

In Modus Vivendi,

In A Sort of Homecoming,

In Kill Switch,

In Son of Man,


Cara is serious and mysterious, more or less due to her past. She keeps to herself and prefers not to be vulnerable to those she doesn't trust. She has a less serious and playful side that is brought out by Stephen. She is all about saving lives, but only when it's possible. Cara can become very angry, as seen when she strips Kurt of his powers. She is angered when people she trusts keep secrets from her or betray her. She is also very confused by her distant relationship with John Young, and her deep romantic feelings for Stephen.

Physical AppearanceEdit

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Cara is a young, beautiful and very attractive woman. She stands about 5'8 inches tall. She has a very light tanned complexion, long,straight brown hair and piercing light blue-gray eyes. She also wears a lot of black, i.e. black leather jackets, black skinny jeans and black boots.

In her teenage years, Cara described herself as a seventeen-year-old nerd and it was also shown in a flashback that she was geeky. She also wore glasses and had bangs.

In The file Jedikiah gives John it states that her eyes are green.


John YoungEdit

-the-tomorrow-people 1x02-5

John and Cara

Cara considers John the person who has helped her with accepting who she is, and respects him greatly. In Limbo, both her and John confessed their love to each other. Their relationship has grown cold and distant as she feels betrayed by John for keeping the secret of being able to kill and for killing Stephen's father. Later in "Enemy of My Enemy", the two get back together, forming a closer relationship. However, later the two break up but remain friendly with each other, until John starts working for Jedikiah.

Stephen JamesonEdit

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Cara and Stephen

Cara and Stephen have a close friendship and have a special connection emotionally. In Sorry For Your Loss, Cara and Stephen kiss to hide their faces from Ultra agents, they then begin showing some romantic attraction. Later Stephen says he's not going to make a habit of kissing her whenever Ultra shows up, but on the train they flirt with each other, and eventually they sleep together which Cara seems to regret after. Cara afterwords thinks of it as a big mistake and tries to distant herself from him. Cara however still has feelings for him and when confronted is unable to deny that she is in love with him.

She cares greatly for him, as shown when he almost dies (twice), where she breaks down as his heart stops beating. Stephen has since then moved onto Hillary, who he is in a relationship with, but it is still unclear whether Cara has, even though she is with John. However, at the end of the series finale, it has been hinted that Cara has begun a new romantic relationship with Stephen, after John broke up with her and started working for Jedikiah.


When Cara comes to town Nelly finds her stealing from the streets, and takes her in to live and work with her and Julian Masters, they form a sister-like relationship. But on Cara's first house robbery, Nelly is killed and Cara leaves the team.
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Sophie CoburnEdit

Sophie is Cara's younger sister. They seem to be rather close, but distanced due to their obvious species differences and lifestyles.

Dennis CoburnEdit

Dennis is Cara's ignorant and angry father who threw her out of the house when she was breaking out. When Cara read his mind, the only thing she heard was, "We will be better without her".

Astrid FinchEdit

They were allies and share a friendly acquaintanceship despite both have feelings for Stephen. However, Astrid has since moved on to John, which eased tensions between the two.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis - The power to move things or people with your mind.
    180px-Tumblr mmwxdfbeQn1s0fchvo3 500

    Cara Coburn using Telekinesis. Click!.

  • Telepathy - The power to communicate with others through each other's minds. Cara specializes in telepathy. It allows her to have a connection with the other person, accessing their emotions, memory and location. Due to this, her powers can become overwhelming.  Telepathy users can send thoughts to non-homo superiors and be able to read their mind. Tomorrow People can also experience peoples memories through telepathy. Also others can communicate with one another without being aware of others listening. Telepaths with superior skill can push others out of their minds, causing the victim to suffer greatly. Errol has demonstrated this ability. Telepaths with superior skill can block others from reading their minds, causing the victim to suffer greatly.
  • Empathy - The power to sense other's emotions, this is a byproduct of Cara's advanced telepathic abilities, allowing her to sense people's emotions.
  • Teleportation - The power to teleport oneself or more people to another location.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant - Cara is shown to be a very adept fighter, and is seen on many occasions taking down multiple opponents, usually Ultra agents. She may even be the best of the Tomorrow people in this aspect. During the two fights she was able to fight on par with John, who is also an very good fighter and eventually she defeated him twice. She was also able to hold her own against extremely talented fighter Julian, while Russell, who is the most agile fighter of the Tomorrow people could not.

Appearances (22/22)Edit

Season 1Edit


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  • Before she broke out, Cara was both deaf and mute.
  • Cara accidentally killed a young man who tried to sexually assaulted her.
    • Cara is very protective of women who are in danger of sexual assault, due to her experience on the night that she broke out. [1]
  • Cara is the new leader of the Tomorrow People as of The Citadel.
  • According to Stephen, her name "Cara" is a stripper name.
  • Cara kissed and slept with Stephen in Sorry For Your Loss.
  • She is very protective and caring of Stephen.
  • Cara has trust issues.
  • Cara is the first character to reveal that running water is a telepathy weakness.
  • It is unknown as to how she gained her hearing, theoretically it could be a byproduct of her Homo Superior anatomy being able to heal/regenerate bodily damage that most humans could not
  • Peyton List and Robbie Amell, who played Stephen were in The Flash series as Lisa Snart/Golden Glider and Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm.


Cara [to Stephen]: You want us to admit that we're mistakes? Nature doesn't make mistakes!

Cara [to Kurt]: Come out, Kurt. You're not sick, you're one of us.

Cara [to Stephen]: I can't. I can't go back to who I was. But you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, You know that Stephen.

Cara [to Stephen]: Forget about their kind. We'll be lucky if we can save our own species.


  1. Limbo
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