Tomorrow People 2013 Summer TCA Tour 01

Cast and crew members at the 2013 Summer TCA Tour

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Four of the series regulars at The CW's 2013 Upfront party

The cast of The Tomorrow People are the actors and actresses who portray the characters of this TV series. According to their importance for the show, they are divided into main cast and supporting cast.

Main cast Edit

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The main cast are the series regulars who portray the main characters of the show. They are of highest importance for the plot of the TV sreies and appear in almost every episode.

  • Seasons = seasons in which the actor is credited as a main cast member
Image Actor Character Seasons
Robbie Amell 212 Robbie Amell Stephen Jameson 1
Peyton List 040 Peyton List Cara Coburn 1
Luke Mitchell 059 Luke Mitchell John Young 1
Aaron Yoo 2013 Summer TCA Tour 02 Aaron Yoo Russell Kwon 1
Madeleine Mantock 2013 Summer TCA Tour 02 Madeleine Mantock Astrid Finch 1
Mark Pellegrino 2013 Summer TCA Tour 01 Mark Pellegrino Jedikiah Price 1

Supporting cast Edit

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Supporting cast members are those who appear only in a minor number of episodes and are not essential for the plot of the whole series.

Among the supporting cast members are:

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