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This page is an official policy on The Tomorrow People Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss first on the talk page.


Episode Categories

On episode pages (ex. Pilot) use ONLY these kind of categories:

  • "Season 1", "Season 2" ...
  • "Upcoming episodes", if the episode hasn't aired yet
  • "Flashback episodes", if episode features a flashback scene.
  • "Season Finale", if it is the last episode in the season.
  • "Season Premiere", if it is the first episode in the season
  • "Episodes featuring all Main Characters" , if all main character appear in the episode

Other categories will be deleted!

Character Categories

On character pages (ex. Stephen Jameson) use ONLY these kind of categories:

  • "Characters" on each character page
  • "Frequency of appearing".
    • Main Character (chosen by producers)
    • Recurring (3 or more appearances)
    • Guest (1-2 episodes, important to the story)
    • Minor (1 episode, not important to the story, also if there is not much information about him/her add it to Season One Minor Characters.)
  • "Season 1 Characters", "Season 2 Characters" ... (depends in which season/s he/she appears.)
  • "Protagonists/Antagonists" , if the character is/was good then add Protagonists, if he/she was bad add Antagonists. Only for main and recurring characters!
  • If the character is one of the Tomorrow People add "Tomorrow People" category.
  • If the character is Cured, no longer a Tomorrow Person, add "Cured" category.
  • If the character is an agent of ULTRA add "Ultra" category.
  • Add Gender category: "Male" or "Female"
  • If the character is deceased add "Deceased" category.

Cast Categories

On cast pages (ex. Robbie Amell) use ONLY these kind of categories:

  • "Tomorrow People Cast" on every actor/actress page
  • "Series Regular" if he/she belongs to the Main Cast
  • "Season 1 Cast", "Season 2 Cast"..

Crew Categories

On crew pages (ex. Julie Plec) use ONLY these kind of categories:

  • "Tomorrow People Crew" on every crew page
  • "Writers" add on every writer page
    • "Season 1 Writers" , "Season 2 Writers"...
  • "Directors" add on every director page
    • "Season 1 Directors" , "Season 2 Directors"...
  • "Producers" add on every producer page
    • "Season 1 Producers" , "Season 2 Producers"...