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Effect Manipulate time
Trigger Panic & Fear
Category Defensive
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Chronokinesis is the ability to manipulate time.

So far Stephen Jameson and his father have been the only ones to display this ability. Stephen Jameson use this ability to freeze time in Pilot and in Girl, Interrupted.

While using the Machine inside Ultra in Modus Vivendi, he temporarily stops time in order to save his father. In A Sort of Homecoming, Jedikiah Price hacked into the Ultra database to view the video recording of Stephen's first test run of the Machine. The video revealed that in a connected room, time was stopped for all humans during the brief moment the machine was on and a paranormal would be able to kill a human while time has stopped. Since humans who have been stopped by chronokinesis are technically no longer alive, a Tomorrow Person would be able to bypass the prime barrier and be able to kill a human. In Son of man, after seeing Cara die, Stephen was able to reverse time and prevent her death.

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