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Darcy Nichols
Darcy Nichols 1x05-1.PNG
Portrayed by Meta Golding
First Seen In Too Deep
Last Seen Sorry For Your Loss
Episode Count 5
Powers Telekinesis
Species Homo superior
Date of Death 2013 in Sorry For Your Loss
Occupations Agent of Ultra
Family Piper Nichols (sister)
unnamed mother
unnamed father
Status Deceased

Piper, I am so sorry. I never stopped thinking about you.
— Darcy to Piper in Sorry For Your Loss

Darcy Nichols was an agent of Ultra and Stephen's Partner. She is Piper Nichols older sister and was one of the Tomorrow People.

She was portrayed by Meta Golding.


Darcy discovered her powers during her mid-teens, and was taken by Ultra, along with many others, to serve at their headquarters. Darcy left behind a younger sister, Piper, whom she discovered was also a breakout, and had been looking for her. Darcy eventually tried to take Piper away to get her powers stripped, but through much convincing by Stephen, decided otherwise. However, Ultra agents arrived and in a fight to defend her sister and stop Stephen from getting caught, she was gunned down and killed.

Season One[]

In In Too Deep, Darcy is introduced as an interrogator for Ultra. She probes Stephen's mind to discover if he was involved with the Tomorrow People's plan to rescue Kurt Rundle however due to being taught by John to shield his mind, Stephen passed her test.

In Girl, Interrupted, Stephen discovers that Darcy is his new partner. They train in an attempt to hone Stephen's ability to stop time. After the Tomorrow People bug the Ultra mainframe, Ultra sets a trap and Darcy goes with some agents to capture Cara. She watches with Jedikiah as Stephen is supposed to strip Cara's powers with the injection however she remains unaware that he stops time and instead injects her with saline.

In Kill Or Be Killed, she appears alongside Stephen after the alert about Killian McCrane goes out. She witnesses Stephen save Jedikiah from a car that Killian has rigged to explode.

In All Tomorrow's Parties, she assists Stephen in the training program however he disobeys her order and pursues the break-up himself. Once he fails, she arrives with Jedikiah to reprimand him. Later Stephen goes to apologise to her whilst she is stripping Mark Menendez of his powers. She than appears when Stephen and Astrid are heading to the homecoming dance, and takes Stephen to watch the murder of Cara and the other Tomorrow People who are unaware that a party they have attended is really a trap. She discovers Astrid spying on them and tells her to leave.

In Sorry For Your Loss, it is revealed that Darcy has a sister, Piper who is also a breakout. It is also revealed that Darcy left home and no one knew where she went. Darcy confronts Stephen about Astrid and warns him that he must be careful about mixing his old life with his new life. She decides to dump the file on Astrid and turn a blind eye. After Stephen informs Darcy about her sister, Darcy is weary about the danger she could put her sister and her self in. She wants to meet her sister and so Stephen sets it up. Although the two catch up, Darcy soon reveals that she wants to turn her sister in and take her powers so that she will be safe. Stephen pursuades her not too and to help her sister escape. When Ultra arrives, Darcy tells Piper and Stephen to run as she attempts to hold them off. She uses her telekinesis to grab a gun from one of the agents and threatens them all. She shoots several agents in the legs before she is gunned down by the kill squad.

In Limbo, several agents are displeased with Stephen due to Darcy's death, stating that all who get partnered with him are killed.

In Sitting Ducks, Hillary Cole, in an attempt to one-up Stephen, locates Darcy's report on Astrid that was supposedly destroyed.

Physical Appearance[]

Darcy is about 5'8 inches tall. She has cocoa colored brown skin,  long, dark black hair and dark brown, almond shaped eyes.


Piper Nichols[]

Darcy loved her younger sister, and never forgot about her despite the many years they spent apart. She died protecting her sister.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and people with her mind.
  • Telepathy - The ability to hear the thoughts of others and project the thoughts of onself.
  • Teleportation - The ability to instantly transport oneself and others to another location.

Appearances (5/22)[]

Season 1


Darcy (to Stephen): Is the sky blue?