Emily Hightower
Emily Hightower
Portrayed by Cali Fredrichs
First Seen Girl, Interrupted
Last Seen Girl, Interrupted
Episode Count 1
Powers None
Species Homo sapiens
Occupations Student
Family unnamed mother
unnamed father
unnamed younger sister †
Status Alive

I didn't lose her. She is not a set of car keys. I killed her. I wasn't paying attention. I didn't even see a train coming and I killed my little sister Ok. So if you are here to tell me that you know what it feels like to have your parents look at you like you are a murderer!
— Emily to Stephen and Astrid in Girl, Interrupted

Emily Hightower is a girl from Stephen's school.

She is portrayed by Cali Fredrichs.


An year before the series Emily survived an accident while her sister didn't. Leaving Emily with survivor guilt and an broken relationship with her parents who she knew saw her as a murderer.

Season OneEdit

In Girl, Interrupted, Emily is first seen at Astrid Finch's party where she is sitting lonely and uncomfortable. When Stephen tries to talk to her, she insults him. Later on, Stephen reads her thoughts and discovers she is intending on committing suicide. Emily later explains to Astrid and Stephen that she felt responsible for the death of her sister and she felt that she should have died with her sister. Later in the episode, Emily parks her car on the train tracks. Cara teleports into the car and convinces her to let go of what happened. Emily moves her car in time before the train can hit her.


She’s very anti-social. She seems to hate everyone. However this may have changed after Season 1 Episode 3 "Girl, interrupted".

Physical AppearanceEdit



Appearances (1/22)Edit

Season 1




Emily (to Stephen): Picked it up? My hero.

Emily: How do you know about my sister? You don't understand, everybody blames me, my parents
Cara: What happened was an accident. Killing yourself is not gonna bring her back. I know what it is like to see someones face everytime you close your eyes. Killing yourself is not gonna settle the score.
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