Girl, Interrupted
Season 1, Episode 3
-the-tomorrow-people 1x03-11
Air date October 23rd 2013
Written by Micah Schraft & Pam Veasey
Directed by Danny Cannon
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Kill Or Be Killed

Girl, Interrupted is the third episode of Season One of The Tomorrow People. It aired on October 23rd 2013 at 9PM.


Stephen reluctantly attends a party with Astrid, but is startled when he reads the mind one of his classmates and finds out she is in peril. Desperate to help, Stephen turns to John and Cara, but they make it clear that they do not help humans. Stephen secretly tries to enlist Cara’s help, which brings up her own feelings about her traumatic past. Meanwhile, John gives Stephen a mission to infiltrate Ultra’s main computer to help give them an advantage in finding new break-outs.


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  • Filming began on August 6, 2013


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