Hillary Cole
Hillary Cole Modus Vivendi
Portrayed by Alexa Vega
First Seen Rumble
Last Seen A Sort of Homecoming (Last alive)

Kill Switch (Flashback/corpse)

Episode Count 8
Powers Telekinesis
Species Homo superior
Age 19
Date of Death 2014 in A Sort of Homecoming
Occupations Agent of Ultra
Significant Other Stephen Jameson (Boyfriend until her death)
Family Unnamed mother †
Unnamed brother †
Status Deceased (suicide with a bomb whilst attempting to kill the Founder)

I love you Stephen. Goodbye.
— Hillary to Stephen in A Sort of Homecoming

Hillary Cole was a prospective agent at Ultra, competing with Stephen. In Superhero we find out she has romantic feelings for Stephen, and vice versa.

She was portrayed by Alexa Vega.


Hillary is a prospective agent and is shown to be driven for her goal. She is not afraid to play dirty or throw away lives such as Astrid's in order to impress Ultra. She is also aware of her disadvantage against Stephen due to him being Jedikiah's nephew and constantly expresses her discontent on the fact to him. Recently, it has been revealed that her family was murdered when she was younger, as this has fueled her passion to help others. Thus, why she joined Ultra. Hillary has a brutally competitive character. She really just stops at nothing to become that top Ultra agent, and she doesn’t play nice.

Season OneEdit

In Rumble, Hillary is introduced as one of the prospective agents advancing to the next round. She spars with Stephen and beats him by pretending to be hurt so he'd let his guard down. Later when Stephen goes to stop Julian Masters she follows him, however this alerts Julian who runs away. She accompanies Stephen and Andrew to Julian's hideout and captures many of his followers, but fails to capture Julian himself. She later witnesses Stephen teleporting with Astrid.

In Sitting Ducks, she asks Jedikiah about Ultra protocol involving humans who discover the powers, alluding to Stephen's friendship with Astrid. When Stephen confronts her, she informs him that they have to play harder because Stephen has the advantage. Later she loses to Stephen in a sparring match in front of Jedikiah, prompting her to reveal Astrid to him as payback. When she later approaches Jedikiah to discover if Astrid is to  be killed, he threatens to kill her if she appears any bit happy about the fact that he does intend to kill Astrid. She is with Jedikiah when the kill squad search for John and Astrid in the hotel.

In Brother's Keeper

In Superhero, Ultra is looking for a superhero tommorrow person. Hilary is determined to find the superhero. The superhero chased bad people and went after somebody targeting the judge and his family. During the episode, Hilary hides that Stephen was at the scene of the judges house crime. She goes to talk to him revealing that her family was murdered when she was younger, as this has fueled her passion to help others. Thus, why she joined Ultra. Later that day she tells Stephen that since he has know her she has gone soft revealing her romantic feelings for him. Leaving them with a meaningfull kiss and ending the scene with words about "Debriefing" what happened between them.

In Smoke and Mirrors,

In Modus Vivendi,

In A Sort of Homecoming, she betrays the Tomorrow People, especially Stephen by informing The Founder that Roger Price is still alive and well. By doing that she angers Stephen. Feeling regret, she tells Astrid to call her at a certain number in one hour. That number was a trigger number used to blow a bomb strapped onto her chest in an attempt to kill Mr. Bathory. However, Stephen was standing outside, so he was caught in the explosion, but only suffered minor injuries. Just before confronting the Founder, she told Stephen how much she loved him.

In Kill Switch Stephen remembers her.



Physical AppearanceEdit

Hilary was about 5'2 inches tall. She had tan skin, long honey blonde hair and brown eyes.


Stephen JamesonEdit

Hillary and stephen

Hillary and Stephen's first kiss on his bed.

Stephen was Hillary's love interest. They had a competitive and perhaps complicated relationship at times, as they often tried to outdo each other. They end up kissing in Stephen's room while preparing for a mission. From then on they were together, and went out on a date in Smoke and Mirrors. They often like to tease each other, as shown in Smoke and Mirrors, when Hillary seduces him when he was meant to see The Founder. They have passionate sex before he goes to see him. They sleep together again the next episode, after flirting with each other at Ultra. After telling how much she loved him (in A Sort of Homecoming), she sacrifices herself to save him and the others.

Cara Coburn Edit

Hilary and Cara had a personnel rivalry, specifically regarding Stephen. When Cara discovered Hilary's relationship with Stephen she feared that they, the Tomorrow People, were loosing him. Later Cara exhibits jealousy towards her romance with Stephen, going as far as swapping her and Russell during a peace exchange for the opportunity to read her mind for information regarding her and Stephen.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and people with her mind.
  • Teleportation - The ability to instantly transport oneself and others to another location.
  • Telepathy - The ability to hear the thoughts of others and project the thoughts of onself.

Appearances (8/22)Edit

Season 1


  • She is the second member of Ultra to know about Stephen's friendship with Astrid and the first to expose it.


Hillary (to Stephen in Superhero): I'm gonna debrief you so hard.

Hillary (to Stephen in Smoke and Mirrors): See you later biatch.

Hillary (to Stephen in Smoke and Mirrors): You have to do whatever I want.

Hillary (to Stephen in Modus Vivendi): They believe in you and your dad. So do I.

Hillary (to The Founder in Modus Vivendi): You were right, his father is alive.

Hillary (to Stephen in A Sort of Homecoming): I love you Stephen. Goodbye.
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