Irene Quinn
Irene Quinn 1x08
Portrayed by Laura Slade Wiggins
First Seen All Tomorrow's Parties
Last Seen Kill Switch
Episode Count 5
Powers Telekinesis
Species Homo superior
Age 17
Status Alive

I graduated from Yale when I was 14 and would've finished my PhD last year at MIT, not to brag, if I hadn't accidentally TK'd my dick advisor into a wall and ended up for 6 months on a 5150.

Irene Quinn is one of the Tomorrow People.

She is played by Laura Slade Wiggins.


Irene is the Tomorrow People's genetic expert and has an expanse of knowledge about how the three T's operate. Although she is only 17, she graduated from Yale at 14. In All Tomorrow's Parties, she was shot in Ultra's raid and had a slim chance of survival. Stephen, defying John, teleported her to the hospital his mother works, where he believed she had a good chance. She returned in the next episode, Sorry For Your Loss, partially healed and grateful to Stephen for saving her life.

Season OneEdit

In All Tomorrow's Parties, Irene is introduced to Stephen by Cara, who explains that she may be able to create an antidote to Jedikiah's human serum if he can get a sample of it from Ultra's Headquarters. During the Tomorrow People's party topside, Irene is shot in the side by Ultra's hitsquad. Although Cara is able to teleport her back underground, Irene had lost a considerable amount of blood and had little chance of surviving without outside medical attention. Stephen, defying John's orders to stay under the radar, teleports her to the hospital his mom works at, where he believes she has a good chance of survival.

In Sorry For Your Loss, Stephen mentions to Cara that he checked on Irene and noted she was out of the ICU but still under medical supervision. Irene returns to the group at the end of the episode, still aching but grateful to Stephen.

In Limbo, Irene, with the absense of Cara and John, tracks an outbreak by herself that results in finding a serial rapist.

In Thanatos,

In Kill Switch,


Irene is a highly intelligent girl. She tends to go in detail explaining things, only to realize half-way through that other people are unable to keep up with her conversation. Irene's sense of fashion is a bit out dated. She also has low tolerance for alcohol.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Irene is about 5'4 inches tall. She has fair skin and wavy dirty blonde hair that reaches just at her shoulders. Her eyes are deep blue.


Stephen JamesonEdit

Irene seems to have developed a crush on Stephen. She is immensely grateful to Stephen for saving her life when she was shot. She volunteers to contact him and go on expeditions with him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and people with the mind.
  • Telepathy - The ability to hear the thoughts of others and project the thoughts of onself.
  • Teleportation - The ability to instantly transport oneself and others to another location.

Appearances (5/22)Edit

Season 1





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