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Julian Masters
Portrayed by James Mackay
First Seen Rumble
Last Seen Enemy of My Enemy
Episode Count 2
Powers Telekinesis
Species Homo superior
Date of Death 2014 in Enemy of My Enemy
Occupations Tomorrow People Gang Leader
Significant Other Nelly(Girlfriend until her death)
Status Deceased

Julian Masters was one of the Tomorrow People. He was also the boyfriend of the late Nelly.

He is portrayed by James Mackay.


Julian first came across Cara six years ago in New York, when his girlfriend brought Cara in to them after having teleported Cara away from her Ultra pursuers. He believes that Tomorrow People are superior to humans. His first "lesson" with Cara was in choking her with his mind, until his girlfriend called him off. He then told Cara to do it to him. When she only stared at him, he told her that she could leave and Ultra would find her or he could teach her to survive. and Then live. They took Cara to a mansion to rob. His girlfriend told Cara that Julian had told her that rich people were more than insured, so it was fine to rob from them. The owner came home. Julian used teleportation to head him off, punched him and then tied him up. He then went to rob the safe while his girlfriend went off to rob the bedroom. The owner begged Cara to let him go, saying he had a heart condition and that Julian was sure to kill him. Cara let him go. Julian's girlfriend appeared and Cara tried to pretend that the man had slipped his ropes and taken off. Julian's girlfriend then told Cara "You can't tell Julian". The owner then reappeared with a gun and shot Julian's girlfriend just as Julian came back. Julian's girlfriend died in his arms. He turned to Cara and asked what happened but all Cara said was that everything happened so fast she wasn't sure what happened. Julian then told Cara that she was weak, that Ultra would find her within the week and take her powers and it would be exactly what she deserved. He then leaves the state.

Season One[]

In Rumble, Julian is back in New York, and this time it is with a gang of Tomorrow People he has recruited over the years. They ambush a man as he is comming home. The man offers his walet and his briefcase but Julian isn't done with him. A member of the gang uses telekinesis to hoist the man up and takes his house keys from him. Part of the gang goes into the house to rob it and the other half of the gang stay to watch Julian beat the man until collapsing, unable to kill because he is Tomorrow Person.

Ultra learns through police reports that Julian is back in New York. After hearing about Julian and his gang, Stephen tells Cara who warns him to stay away from Julian and his gang, saying he is too dangerous. She says it would be safest for everyone if Julian left New York. She sends out a telepathic signal and Julian meets her, Russell, and John in a subway car. Cara warns him about Ultra being after him and advises him to leave. He refuses, saying he owns the city and can do what he wants. Russell then steps up aggressively toward him, but Julian calls in his gang and Cara, John and Russell leave.

Cara assigns Russell to keep an eye on Julian but to not engage him. Russell spies on the group who are staying in a mansion they have taken over. Russell reports to Cara that the group is planing on robbing all the appartments in a particular building. When Steven hears this, he goes to capture Julian, and two other trainees are being evaluated by Ultra to determine who gets to continue in the program. However, Hillary, one of the trainees, tails him and makes a noise coming in as Stephen prepairs to use tranqulizers on Julian and another member of the gang. Julian and the gang leave.

Julian goes back to the mansion and finds Russell, just as Russel learns that Julian got away and prepairs to leave himself. Julian says "I thought I smelt a rat" and punches Russell, as a message to Cara. Russell then attacks Julian but Julian gains the upper hand and beats Russell, until Russell collapses. Julian calls in his gang to watch as he continues to beat Russell until he is forced to stop or lose conciousness. He then says "Whose next" and his gang decends upon Russell. They leave him in the subway station where John and Cara find him.

Cara decides to attack back, in spite of Steven saying that she had been right, it was too dangerous. She tells Steven she will use Julian's belief that she is weak against him. She and a group of Tomorrow People appear at the mansion. Julian tells her that she is weak, and that the group is no better than rats living underground. Cara throws Julian against a wall using her powers and a fight breaks out. Julians gang is appearing to gain the upper hand when the Tomorrow People teleport out. Julian then turns to Cara and says she is all alone again. Smiling, Cara replies that she is not alone and stands aside to reveal Charlotte before teleporting away. Charlotte then telepathically screams until Julian and his gang collapse on the floor. Charlotte then teleports away as Steven, Hillary and the other trainee arrive. They start cuffing the gang. Julian and a member of his gang try to teleport but find they can't and realize that Charlotte must have temporarily short-circuted something. Steven finds Julian trying to stumble away. Steven and Hillary fire darts at Julian but he deflects them, before shoving the gang member with him away, telling her "I'm sorry". The gang is taken to Ultra.

Julian is then seen intercepting a girl who is using telekinesis to steal food, just as Cara was seen stealling food by an Ultra agent. He asks her "Want to learn some magic"? which is the first thing he asked Cara when she came to him, implying that he is on the way to building another gang.

In Enemy of My Enemy, Julian is captured by Ultra who inject him through his nose with a timed bomb, which they will only defuse if he captures the Tomorrow People, he captures them in a grocery store and almost kills Cara if it wasn't for Stephen helping in the shadows. On their way back to Ultra Head Quarters their paranormal detecting machines pick up Charlotte, whose out looking for John. Julian captures her and gets the location of Cara's team. With this info he and a kill squad go into their hideout but it is empty except for Cara, John, and Russell who trick Julian and his squad into a bulletproof room lined with D-chips where the bomb in his head goes off killing him and his squad.



Physical Appearance[]




Nelly and Julian were a couple before Nelly died.

Cara Coburn[]

Cara was taken in by Julian and Nelly in 2008. After Nelly dies Julian blames Cara.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and people with his mind.
  • Telepathy - The ability to hear the thoughts of others and project the thoughts of oneself.
  • Teleportation - The ability to instantly transport oneself and others to another location.
  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant - Julian was extremely talented fighter, as he easily overpowered Russell, despite the latter being the most agile fighter of the Tomorrow people.

Appearances (2/22)[]

Season 1