Kill Switch
Season 1, Episode 21
The tomorrow people 1x21-2
Air date April 28th 2014
Written by Micah Schraft & Leigh Dana Jackson
Directed by Dermott Downs
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A Sort of Homecoming
Son of Man

Kill Switch is the 21st episode of Season One of The Tomorrow People. It aired on April 28th 2014 at 9PM.


When the Tomorrow People learn the truth about the serum they were injected with, Stephen and Cara attempt to buy time for Jedikiah while he tries to create a possible antidote. Growing impatient, Russell and the other rogue Tomorrow People make a rash decision to sacrifice Roger to Ultra for their own safety. Meanwhile, John is having a hard time figuring out his new role and the only one he can turn to for advice is Astrid.


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  • Michael Hogan as Senator



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