Killian McCrane
Killian McCrane Kill or be Killed
Portrayed by Jason Dohring
Connor Dunn (young Killian)
First Seen Kill or Be Killed
Last Seen Kill Or Be Killed
Episode Count 1
Powers Telekinesis
Species Homo superior
Date of Death 2013 in Kill Or Be Killed
Status Deceased

That is no way to start a reunion. Maybe I just wanted to see you.
— Killian to John Young in Kill or Be Killed

Killian McCrane was a former paranormal operative who once worked with John at Ultra, the paramilitary group that hunts down paranormals. The procedure that allows him to kill has left him mentally "fried".

He was portrayed by Jason Dohring.


It's implied that he came from an abusive environment, since John told the Tomorrow People that Killian was the only one with a worse story than his.

Season OneEdit

In Kill Or Be Killed,



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John YoungEdit

They both grow up in Ultra and they both ran away from Ultra. There was always a rivalry between the two since they were children. He felt betrayed by John once he found out he left Ultra and refused to join him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and people with his mind. Killian's ability of telekinesis is extremely focused and advanced. He shows this by using his telekinesis like shockwave blasts.
  • Telepathy - The ability to hear the thoughts of others and project one's own thoughts.
  • Teleportation - The ability to instantly transport oneself and others to another location.
  • Killing - Killian was given the ability to commit murder while he was working for Ultra, which ultimately led to him leaving Ultra.

Appearances (1/22)Edit

Season 1




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