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Kurt Rundle
Kurt Rundle 1x05.PNG
Portrayed by Nick Eversman
First Seen In Too Deep
Last Seen All Tomorrow's Parties
Episode Count 2
Powers None
Species Homo sapiens
Homo superior (formerly)
Date of Birth March 27
Family Mrs. Rundle (mother)
unnamed father †
Status Alive

No, it's going too far. I pushed this guy off the roof.
— Kurt to Cara in In Too Deep

Kurt Rundle was one of the Tomorrow People.

He was portrayed by Nick Eversman.


Kurt is first seen during a bank robbery where he is using his telekinesis to manipulate a guard into collecting money. Ultra picks up on the incident and identify him as a break out. As it turned out, Kurt went missing two weeks before Stephen was found by Cara and John. His mother had filed a missing persons report, which is what got him on Ultra's radar. Jedikiah sends Vaughn and Stephen to kill him. Stephen tries to convinces him to come with him to the Tomorrow People, but he is cut short when Vaungn attcks Kurt but manages to escape from them. Cara soon finds him, and convinces him, a little roughly, to join the Tomorrow People. 

Kurt's powers were taken away by Cara by her injecting a sample of the cure into him, when he helped Ultra ambush the Tomorrow People

Season One[]

In In Too Deep, Kurt is first seen in a bank controlling the security guard with his telekinesis, having him aim his hold up the bank staff. When the money is placed in the bin and the guard arrested, he collects it and goes into hiding. Later when Stephen and his partner Vaughn visit Kurt's mother, they discover he is hiding in house. In an attempt to catch him Vaughan knocks his mother out but Kurt escapes. Stephen seeks help from Cara and The Tomorrow People to rescue Kurt to which they agree. Kurt is once again located and Ultra attempt to capture him only for him and Stephen to get into a fight resulting in him pushing Stephen over the edge of a building. Cara finds him and convinces him that he should go into hiding with them. He is later seen hanging with the others.

In All Tomorrow's Parties, John catches Kurt who had been sneaking out to see his mother. Kurt argues about Stephen being allowed to have a normal life whilst the rest of them are stuck down in the hideout. When the idea of them attending a party is put forward, Kurt supports Cara who wins. He attends the party when Ultra attack and kill three of the Tomorrow People. Later when Cara analyzes the brains of the others to see who leaked the party plan, Kurt breaks down and tries to apologize. He reveals that Ultra caught him and tricked him into bringing the others to the party so they could kill him. An enraged Cara grabs Kurt and injects him with Ultra's serum, banishing him from their hideout and warning him that if he tells a soul about the location, she would do something terrible to him.

Physical Appearance[]



Russell Kwon[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Former powers and abilities before being administered the cure by Cara Coburn.

  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and people with his mind.
  • Telepathy - The ability to hear the thoughts of others and project the thoughts of onself.
  • Teleportation - The ability to instantly transport oneself and others to another location.

Appearances (2/22)[]

Season 1