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Luca Jameson
Luca Jameson 1x18.PNG
Portrayed by Jacob Kogan
First Seen Pilot
Last Seen Kill Switch
Episode Count 12
Powers None
Species Homo sapiens
Birth Name Price (first name unknown)
Aliases Luca Jameson
Age 16
Family Marla Jameson (mother)
Roger Price † (father)
Stephen Jameson (brother)

Jedikiah Price (uncle)

Status Alive

Stephen, if you joined some sort of fight club, I want in.
— Luca to Stephen in Kill or Be Killed

Luca Jameson is the son of Roger Price and Marla Jameson, the younger brother of Stephen Jameson, and the nephew of Jedikiah Price.

He is portrayed by Jacob Kogan.



Season One[]

In Sitting Ducks, Luca is first seen getting ready to go camping and is the one who tells Stephen. He shows excitement for the camping trip and shows his like for Peter. He and his mother are the reason Stephen comes along, to protect them. The first time Luca uses his powers is when he saves Peter's camera from falling down, Stephen thought it was Peter. He is next seen berating Stephen for pushing Peter down the waterfall. At the end of the episode, Luca seriously attempts to talk to Stephen but is brushed off. 

In Things Fall Apart, Stephen confronts Luca, thinking that Luca had broken out, but he learns that Luca's secret was simply that he had been smoking pot.

In Smoke and Mirrors, Luca found out that Stephen is a Tomorrow Person and is deeply upset that everyone knew about it except him.


Luca appears to have a laid back and fun personality. This is shown in many episodes when he is talking to Stephen, yet joking around at the same time.

Physical Appearance[]



Marla Jameson[]

Marla is Luca's mother. They shared a close, typical mother-son relationship.

Roger Price[]

Roger is Luca's father. Their relationship is distanced obviously due to Roger’s first supposed-death.

Stephen Jameson[]

Luca is Stephen's younger brother. They share a very typical brotherly relationship, full of teasing but also underlined with love.

Astrid Finch[]

Luca and Astrid are friends more than likely through Stephen. Luca may have a small crush on Astrid, as seen in episode 20 "A Sort of Homecoming.”

Appearances (12/22)[]

Season 1


  • Despite the fact that both of his parents are Tomorrow People, Luca powers have not become active; it is possible that he has not yet reached the right age for when his powers do become active.