Modus Vivendi
Season 1, Episode 19
The tomorrow people 1x19-4
Air date April 14th 2014
Written by Ray Utarnachitt & Grainne Godfree
Directed by Oz Scott
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Smoke and Mirrors
A Sort of Homecoming

Modus Vivendi is the 19th episode of Season One of The Tomorrow People. It aired on April 14th 2014 at 9PM.


Stephen's hard work as a double agent seems to be paying off with a potential truce between the Tomorrow People and Ultra. Still untrusting, Cara sends Russell to meet with The Founder. Jedikiah is now on the run and is desperate to keep Ultra from discovering his secret. Meanwhile, with the help of Hillary, Stephen tries to contact his dad once again.


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  • Roger Price was brought back from Limbo to the land of the living.


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