Monty the Magnificent
Portrayed by Wesley Taylor
First Seen Smoke and Mirrors
Last Seen Smoke and Mirrors
Episode Count 1
Powers Telekinesis
Species Homo superior
Occupations Street Magician
Status Alive

So you're telling me everyone down here is like me. You're all magic.
— Monty to Russell in Smoke and Mirrors

Monty the Magnificent is one of the Tomorrow People, who works as a street magician using his powers.

He is portrayed by Wesley Taylor.


Season OneEdit

In Smoke and Mirrors, Monty is the break out. He is a “Street Magician” who performs magic tricks which are accomplished by using his abilities in a magician-like way, and gains the attention of ultra as a result. Ultra’s first attempt to bring him in involves Stephen and Hilary going to a club that he is preforming at. Regardless of Ultra’s new direction and purpose, Cara and John do not trust the founder, so they too show up at the club with the intent of grabbing Monty first. Cara, while trying to lead Monty out the back entrance, gets ambushed by Hilary and a fight breaks out between Cara & Hilary (which is a real fight) and Stephen & John  (which, while real punches are thrown, is a fake fight). Cara & John end up with Monty, bringing him back to the lair. Monty performs a couple of tricks for Russell who is amazed even though they are just done with the same powers that Russell himself obviously has. Monty wants to go Top Side and does, but gets caught by ultra on a subway car. Stephen walks into the room where they take powers from Homo Superiors and sees Monty strapped down, with the founder having a syringe loaded with what he believes will take Monty’s Powers. After an argument, the Founder injects Monty which does not take his powers from him, then the Founder says to Monty “try not to stand out” indicating that he still has his powers. Later in the episode it is later revealed that the injection contained a tracker, allowing the Founder to keep tabs on anyone injected with it, who also has injected a lot of paranormal people across town.


Monty likes the attention and likes being called special, but doesn't feel that way then he is brought to the tomorrow people's lair.

Physical AppearanceEdit

brown hair and dark brown eyes



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis - The power to move things or people with your mind.
  • Telepathy - The power to communicate with others through each other's minds.
  • Teleportation - The power to teleport oneself or more people to another location.

Appearances (1/22)Edit

Season 1Edit







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