Peter MacKenzie
Peter MacKenzie
Portrayed by Robert Gant
First Seen The Citadel
Last Seen Sitting Ducks
Episode Count 2
Powers None
Species Homo sapiens
Birth Name Peter Henry Foster (until 2006)
Age 43 (born 03.03.1971)
Occupations Physics Teacher
Residence 510 Cornelia St.
New York
Significant Other Marla Jameson
Status Alive

Peter Henry MacKenzie is the boyfriend of Marla Jameson. He makes his first appearance in The Citadel.


Season OneEdit

In The Citadel, the first we hear of Peter is when Marla Jameson is ready to go on a date and we hear the horn of a car. Luca Jameson opens the door to the house, inviting him in. Stephen Jameson showed resistance, because he believes his father is still coming back.

After an assignment for Ultra, Stephen can't go home till the next morning. When he arrives Peter is sitting at the table with Stephen's mother.

Stephen does not trust Peter, and tries to read his mind. Stephen hits a telepathically brick wall. This means that Stephen didn't get the chance to get in Peter's head.

In Sitting Ducks, he takes the Jamesons on a camping trip. Peter talks about being born in Detroit, Michigan and learning to shoot from his step-father, who was a physics teacher. After the disastrous camping trip that had Stephen pushing him off a cliff he tells Marla they need a break.


Physical AppearanceEdit



Marla JamesonEdit

Marla and Peter are dating.

Appearances (2/22)Edit

Season 1





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