Effect: Absorbing another paranormals powers & abilities

Trigger: Anger & Telekinesis

Category: Unknown

Power & Energy Absorption is the ability to absorb any paranormal's powers and abilities. Only Stephen has been shown to use this ability. Stephen uses this ability in Son of Man when facing off against The Founder. When fighting The Founder, Stephen overpowers him using Telekinesis, while the Founder is down but not out, Stephen is given the chance he needs to try and stop the machine using his telekinesis, but instead ends up somehow absorbing the energy that was fuelling the Machine. This in turn creates a portal in space time which he uses to suck the Founder and the Machine into. But before doing that, the energy Stephen absorbed from the machine, upgrades his teleportation capabilities and grants him the same ability as Cassandra used; teleporting an object towards or away from the user without using physical contact. Stephen uses this ability to bring the Founder towards him. We also notice that Stephen was using three powers at once; telekinesis to grab the Founder, the newly acquired teleportation ability to bring the Founder towards him and a new unknown ability to create a portal in space and time. All this through Stephen absorbing the energy that was fuelling the Machine, otherwise known as Roger's powers. And later on giving Stephen the ability to rewind time to save Cara , this meaning that the energy he absorbed also strengthened his Chronokinesis. Stephen absorbing the energy from the Machine or absorbing Roger's abilities couldn't actually mean that this is a new ability but the fact that Stephen could absorb Roger's powers because of the fact they are related. But then again through doing this he also could've absorbed Cassandra's powers too, because where else could Stephen had gained the ability to teleport the Founder towards him without any means of physical contact. The possibility of Stephen absorbing Cassandra's powers can be possible because it was mentioned by the Founder he tried to use her to activate the machine but failed because of her incapability to stop time, this meaning that maybe her powers were still in there but were taken away when absorbed by Stephen.

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