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Tomorrow People have Powers and Abilities also known as The 3T's. Stephen Jameson and his father Roger Price, have powers and abilities beyond the normal 3T's.



The Tomorrow People can teleport to wherever they want by thinking of the place they wish to go to. It was said that if more Tomorrow People teleported at once, they can reach greater distances. This requires a great amount of practice. Otherwise, teleportation is uncontrollable.


Cara Coburn use Telekinesis. Click!

The Tomorrow People can use the ability of Telekinesis to move and manipulate objects/people with their minds. They have also displayed telekinetic waves emission (Hiting, destroying or pushing targets away) and telekinetic fields generation (deflecting, decelerating and blocking objects and projectiles). This ability appears to be relatively instictive, like when Stephen dropped his toothbrush.


The Tomorrow People can communicate with each other by using their thoughts. They will hear each other's voices in their minds. Telepathy also involves controling the mind of others, hypnosis, mind reading, psychic shielding/attacking, mental Illusions or detections, etc. This is a power seen frequently for the Tomorrow People have multiple abilities spinning off of Telepathy.


This is a power that allows powerful Tomorrow People to manipulate time. This ability is unique to Stephen, due to inheriting it from his late father Roger Price. This ability allows him to reverse, stop, or fast forward time. He first demonstrated the ability to stop time when Jedikiah tried to shoot John and first reversed time when Natalie killed Cara Coburn and he went back to prevent this. For some reason, when the ability is used, other Tomorrow People seem to know that the ability was used.

Stephen using a unique ability, Chronokinesis.

Power Negation Immunity[]

Stephen is shown to be immune or at least resistant to Ultra's technology: used to negate the powers of homo superiors (likely inherited from his father).

Time Travel[]

Though it seems impossible, Thanatos reveals that it order to attempt this, one has to stop time while teleporting. Stephen thinks he did it once, but he doesn't know how he did it. So he continues to investigate.


John: You think it's an imperfection, but I think there's a reason we were born unable to kill. It destroys something. A part of your soul you don't get back.

  • Ultra Serum - Ultra developed a serum that renders any member of the Tomorrow People completely powerless. The process of stripping them of their powers is excruciatingly painful.
  • Inability To Kill -​ The Tomorrow People are unable to kill. This is said to be controlled by Prime Barrier of the brain. Ultra considers this to be their only flaw, and also fears that they are only a mutation away from gaining this ability. If a member of the Tomorrow People tries to kill, a loud, high pitched ringing sound resounds in their head, causing them to become disoriented or fall unconscious. The Anax Project which was started by Ultra focused on frying the part of the brain that prevented Tomorrow People from killing so that they could have the ultimate weapon. There are only a handful of Tomorrow People that have the ability to kill; Killian McCrane, John Young, Natalie, Hugh Bathory and a team of Anaxed Ultra agents have exhibited this ability.
  • Running Water - Running water can block telepathy. Stephen Jameson has been shown an immunity to this weakness.
  • Power Negation - Ultra has developed technology capable of blocking the Tomorrow's People powers temporarily. They have deployed them throughout certain portions of their headquarters and in the cells of the Citadel. They also use them in specially made handcuffs and bracelet. Stephen Jameson has shown to be able to overcome this technology to a limited degree.