Vaughn In Too Deep
Portrayed by Carter MacIntyre
First Seen In Too Deep
Last Seen In Too Deep
Episode Count 1
Powers Telekinesis
Species Homo superior
Date of Death 2013 in In Too Deep
Occupations Agent of Ultra
Status Deceased

Reading someone's thoughts is just the beginning. With proper training, you'll be able to access their feelings, their emotions and even their memories.
— Vaughn to Stephen in In Too Deep

Vaughn was an agent of Ultra and one of the Tomorrow People. He was Stephen's partner.

He was portrayed by Carter MacIntyre.


Vaugn was an Ultra agent. He, alongside Stephen, were the agents trying to track the paranormal Kurt. They first encounter him when they go to his mother's house and ask her some questions. When Stephen goes to Kurt's room he senses him in the crawl space above and notifies Vaughn using the telepathic ability. Vaughn then shocks Kurt's mother with a taser and a kill squad arrives with an attempt to kill Kurt. Later on, while Stephen talks with Kurt, Vaughn arrives and punches him and begins an encounter with him, chasing him while teleporting through the walls. Stephen reaches him and hits Vaughn, knocking him temporarily to the floor. When Vaughn teleports through the wall after quickly getting up, Stephen knocks him out by hitting him with a board picked up from the construction building they were in.

Afterwards, Jedekiah is talking with both of them, wanting to know what happened. He mentions that Stephen disobeyed an order, bulldozing his supervising agent in the process. Vaughn intervenes to this, but Jedekiah says he is focused ot Stephen now. After that, Stephen asks Jedekiah after his debriefing what happens to Vaughn and Jedekiah answers he's been put on a task. Stephen calls Vaughn cellphone and hears it ring, trying to find from where it comes from. He finds it and sees Vaughn's corpse on the table and his cellphone lighting up.

Season OneEdit

In In Too Deep,


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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinesis - The ability to move objects and people with his mind.
  • Teleportation - The ability to instantly transport oneself and others to another location.
  • Telepathy - The ability to hear the thoughts of others and project the thoughts of onself.

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Season 1





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